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At Armour Legal we realize that good people sometimes make mistakes and deserve another opportunity.  The stakes are high in criminal cases.  Convictions can impact a career, family, finances and future.  They can even costs people their freedom or leave them with a criminal record that haunts them the rest of their life.  We fight cases!  We win cases!  We can help!

The lists of potential crimes in Arizona are long.  We have defended every single type of case on these lists.  We have won huge victories in all these areas. Our experience as former felony prosecutors allow us to anticipate the moves that will be made and effectively attack and counter attack in your case.  Just because someone made a mistake or has been wrongly accused, does not mean they should spend the rest of their life paying for it.

Drug Possession

Drug Transportation or Sales

DUI Charges

Domestic Violence


Sex Crimes


Money Laundering & Fraud

Probation Violation


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