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In 2018, I was falsely charged with a crime. My reputation and my career as a physician were at stake.

Unfortunately, my case was initially handled by another reputable law firm in Arizona. After my case was set for trial and because I was not satisfied with my previous counsel, I was referred to Mr. Bartz by a renowned expert witness who has been involved in several complicated DV cases in Arizona. The expert witness told me that Mr. Bartz was one of the most skillful litigators he had ever seen in the courtroom, and that I would be making a big mistake if I did not transfer my case to Mr. Bartz. Boy was he correct! After meeting with Mr. Bartz, I immediately felt confident in having him fight for me. (I also truly believe that had I found Mr. Bartz to represent me from the start of my case, it would have most definitely been dismissed before a trial was set.)

Mr. Bartz is extremely brilliant in litigation/criminal defense. He is also a compassionate and zealous advocate for his clients. Going to trial was one of the worse experiences of my life, but having Mr. Bartz by my side, made the process a lot more bearable. Mr. Bartz was exceptionally skillful in how he navigated and proceeded during my trial and he truly shined in the courtroom. It was obvious that even the judge and prosecutor were impressed by his talent and knowledge.

I was not an easy client and an emotional wreck throughout my case, but Mr. Bartz was always professional and compassionate towards me. Throughout the entire process, I felt as if he fought for me just as hard as he would fight for his own family member. I would never want to enter another legal battle without him at my side. Thanks to him, I can put this horrible ordeal behind me and get on with my life.

Thank you so much Mr. Bartz- I am forever grateful to you.

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